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Who We Are

An encore occurs when an audience loves their experience and wants more! Featuring nationally recognized performing and media arts programs, the Encore Department is the heart of the magnet program at KO Knudson's Academy of Creative Arts & Technology.


Since 1997, KO Knudson has offered its students a unique middle school experience, with access to rigorous academic instruction that infuses arts-integration.


The KO experience provides opportunities for students to pursue multiple courses of artistic study to discover their passions. Through accelerated learning, support, and encouragement - we foster an experience that makes our community demand an encore.


After KO Knudson, students are often inspired to experience their own encore, continuing their studies in Creative Arts or Technology at the high school level and beyond.


Discover your passion.

Pursue your dreams.

Do what you love. Every day.

Experience your encore at KO Knudson.

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