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For those interested in attending KO for the 2023-2024 school year... 

Magnet Applications are closed! 
Be sure to check your emails for the lottery notification in March!

If you missed the deadline, Check to complete the late application.

This year we had 2 opportunities for you and your families to come on campus and learn more about what it means to "Experience The Encore"! 

Monday November 21 @6pm- Magnet Monday

Join us for an evening of all things Magnet at KO! Learn about our programs, tour the campus, see some of our performing groups, and get your questions answered! 

Saturday December 3 @10am- Magnet Saturday

Come Experience the Encore before you finalize your application choices! Visit our campus, go on a tour, complete your application, and get your questions answered! 


Click the PDF to the left to access Frequently Asked Questions. This will be updated as common questions arise. 

We have a new application system this year! Please visit for more information. 

Yellow Bus

Wondering about Transportation?

  • Do I have transportation to KO?

  • Where and when do I catch my bus?

Click the school bus to check your specific transportation options. These will be for this current school year, but is a good place to start. 

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