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Magnet Eligibility

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year are now CLOSED

There is no selection criterion to enter the lottery for CCSD magnet middle schools.  Having a passion for your intended course of study and willingness to work hard to achieve mastery are important attributes of young artists. Both KO students and families share a commitment to excellence propelled by the belief that strong arts make strong schools and well-rounded humans. If you believe you are a good fit, please submit your application via the CCSD Magnet Website.    

In order to remain in our magnet program after enrollment, students must maintain:

  • 2.0 GPA "C" average

  • "C" or better in their major


  • Good attendance

  • A positive behavioral record


Students who fall below this expectation will be put on probation for one semester.  If improvement is not made, students may be removed from the magnet program and must return to their zoned school. 

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