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Attendance Policies 

Parents you can now fill out this form for student absences:  Link

Responsibility for daily attendance lays with the student and with his/her parents. The following regulations are designed to keep parents and the school well informed of a student’s attendance record and to keep absences from school to an absolute minimum. If a student is to succeed at K.O. Knudson Middle School, regular and punctual attendance is important. Clark County School district Attendance Regulation 5113 states the following:

Within three days following an absence, students are required to present a written note signed by the parents or guardian explaining the reason for the absence. The note must state the full name of the student, the student number, and grade level. The note must be dated and signed by the parent and include a telephone number should the school need to contact the parent regarding the absence. Students under a doctor’s care must attach the doctor’s note to the parent’s note. Mandatory court appearance notices or other verification papers must also be presented when appropriate. Failure to present a note within the “three day time limit” will cause the absence to be “unexcused.” Absence notes are to be turned into the Dean’s office. 

A student is considered absent if he/she misses thirty minutes of the class period—either by arriving late or by leaving early.

If a student exceeds ten (10) unapproved absences in any course, the students will not receive credit for that course for that semester and will receive a failing grade. School attendance in Nevada is mandatory between the ages of 7 and 18. Therefore, if a student exceeds (10) unapproved absences in any course and is denied credit, the student must continue to attend that class for the remainder of the semester to remain enrolled in the school’s regular instructional program. Students may also be retained in the current grade for the following year.

Parents/Guardians may prearrange absences for their children in advance of the absence either by going to the attendance office in person or by submitting a request in writing. Regulation 5113 classifies up to 10 days prearranged absences during a school year as excused regardless of the reason. Prearranged absences exceeding the allotted 10 days and prearranged absences for which the make-up work is not completed and submitted as required by the teacher will be documented as unexcused and will be counted toward number of allowable absences each semester. Prearranged absence forms are available through the attendance office. These forms are not approved unless it has an administrator’s signature

Students who are absent without parental knowledge will be considered truant and referred to the Deans’ Office for disciplinary action, which may include juvenile court citation, court appearance, fines, community service, and other consequences determined by law enforcement authorities. Truancy is considered a serious offense, and appropriate measures will be taken to address it in accordance with school policies.  A student is truant if he/she leaves the campus without permission, cuts (ditches) class, stays home without a valid reason, or is absent without the parent’s knowledge.

Parents/Guardians are asked to monitor the attendance of their children. Daily attendance information is also available on Infinite Campus. It is expected that students and parents will work with the school to correct poor attendance habits. Assistance is available for students with poor attendance.
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