Nevada All-Virtual Family Engagement Summit

Daily Instruction Plan for Students:

5th annual DD's Discounts and First Books Campaign:


Random Search Program:

Superintendent Jara announced a new program to deter students from bringing weapons on campus. We will conduct periodic searches of random students. Remember: No weapons are allowed on campus. Every morning, please check your children's backpacks or anything that they can conceal a weapon in. Thank you for your support to ensure safe schools. For more information, go to Thank you.  Flyer 

Tdapp Shots required for 6th Grade Students 

CCSD Gender Diverse Students

Discussion on written guidance regarding CCSD gender diverse students. CCSD is looking for your input on whether we should develop written guidance on how to ensure gender diverse students feel safe and respected in schools.  Click here for meeting dates

Spring Newsletter:


Cox Cable:

Get discounted internet with Cox. English Flyer Spanish Flyer

Safe and Secure: 


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